Metheny Weir | Why Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Brushes?
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Why Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Brushes?

Why Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Brushes?

Are Chalk Paint® brushes really worth the extra dollar? Over at Metheny Weir, we have had the most experience with specifically Anne Sloan Paint brushes. One of the biggest questions we receive is, ” Are these special brushes really worth the money?”


Photo: HumbleDuck.Blog

At Metheny Weir, we have been decorative painters for years and understand why great tools can make a difference in your projects. Here’s just a few reasons why we use the Annie Sloan brushes to paint and wax.

1. The Shape

The tapered ends are perfect for those hard to reach spots.


Photo: HumbleDuck.Blog

2. The Bristles

Annie Sloan’s brushes are perfect for the Chalk Paint®. The bristles are fairly long and flexible with little bounce. They hold lots of paint and the thin flat handle makes it comfortable in your hand. The natural pure bristle (boar) hair has split ends which helps it hold more paint and you get better coverage.


Photo: HumbleDuck.Blog

Most brushes tend to release bristles when new which looks like shedding; Annie’s brushes are no different. But the Annie Sloan brushes do stop very quickly so that you can get on with your painting. If you see a hair, you can take your brush and scoop the hair up while wet. If it dries, you can rub it out with your finger or lightly sand to remove.

3. Cleaning

Can you say easy to clean? With just a drop or two of Dawn soap and warm water, the bristle come out totally clean and are ready for the next project even if you leave it out and the paint has dried out.


Photo: HumbleDuck.Blog

This is one of the best parts of these brushes. We’ve gone through so many generic brushes because they dry up and have so much pesky paint residue that just won’t. come. off. The cleaning is a breeze and we’ve used the same brush for tons and tons of projects.

4. The Sizes

There are three sizes so you have the perfect brush just when you need it.


Photo: HumbleDuck.Blog

The small one works great for smaller projects like frames, mirrors chairs etc.


Photo: HumbleDuck.Blog

The medium size is great for those larger dressers or armoires even kitchen cabinetry. The largest ones are great for kitchen cabinetry and can even be used for waxing large areas.


Photo: HumbleDuck.Blog

Convinced yet? Just buy one. That’s all it takes!

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