Metheny Weir | Rustic Layered Finish
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Rustic Layered Finish

Rustic Layered Finish


We changed a basic white hollow door into this cool rustic layered look with a little flat moulding and a rustic layered paint finish and our customers love it!

Here’s a step by step:

Using Graphite Chalk Paint® apply the paint in random directions pretty liberally.  Using a trowel, putty knife, or even cardboard, create texture and let dry.

Once the Graphite was dry we used Coco that we added about 10 to 15% water to thin which makes it easier to distress.  You can lay your brush down slightly at about a 90 degree angle and drag along the dry Graphite.  This will help you see where your texture is on the first coat.  Be sure not to cover all the surface with this coat.

Continue to add the Coco until you get the desired effect you’re after.  Next, I took Old White and mixed with a small amount of Coco to dry brush and highlight hard edges and add more depth.

Once the layers were nice and dry, I used a straight edge razor to scrape the surface exposing the Graphite texture underneath. You will probably even get a little of the original wood coming through too.

When you like the way your surface looks then it’s time to wax.  I used Annie Sloan Soft Wax Clear first and aged using the Soft Wax Dark last removing all the excess.

This finish is fun to do so use your creativity and try different colors.  You literally can’t mess it up because if you don’t like one layer just apply the original coat and start over.

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