Metheny Weir | A Love Story
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A Love Story

A Love Story

My eyes began to scan the crowded room from the moment I entered. I was looking for beauty…that special something that really turns me on. I found her almost instantly.

“She’s perfect,” I quietly said to myself. Her shape was perfect!  Her curves were in all the right places…rounded and inviting. She had a soft glow that made my heart beat a little faster. In front, she flared subtly…her color was rich and warm. Her feet were tiny and lovable.

I moved to come closer…even perhaps to touch her. When I reached her, my pulse quickened and I felt a little light-headed.  I reached out wordlessly and caressed her smoothness. I imagined her bare skin under the layers that hid her true beauty from the world. I envisioned exactly how she will look when she sheds her old worn and tattered clothes and she wears a new breathtaking look.  Maybe black, maybe hot pink – possibly not that bold – wait, I know…something more demure like grey, pale blue or even white. Perfect.

My passion takes over and I can’t control my movements.  I spend hours making her into the goddess she was meant to be. At last, she’s done and she takes the place she was always meant to take.

Who says “painting can’t be passionate”? Happy Valentine’s!









  • Becky Georgiades
    Posted at 11:08h, 01 April

    What a wonderful and creative piece of writing!! Loved it! I believe
    a career in romance novels is a definate possibility!! Thanks for
    the laugh.

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