Metheny Weir | Two Color Distressed Finish with a Wash
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Two Color Distressed Finish with a Wash

Two Color Distressed Finish with a Wash

This is an easy way to incorporate 2 colors into a piece.  We added a wash to finish it off.


This is the first “Get This Look” post explaining how we do Chalk Paint® finishes at Metheny Weir.  We will have a “Get This Look” post every other week.  Please call, email or stop in with  any questions.  We are happy to help you with any of your projects.


Materials: Graphite, Duck Egg, Louis Blue, Old White Chalk Paint® and Clear Wax.  We used the Annie Sloan paint and wax brushes and cloth rags to wipe back the wash and wax.


Your first coat of graphite goes on pretty thick.  Let the paint sit a little and brush it as it dries to get some texture.  You can also stipple here and there.  You want the finish to be a little raised but not so thick that it takes forever to dry.


The second coat is a 1:1 mix of Louis Blue and Duck Egg Chalk Paint®. This second coat goes on more thinly without coating everything completely. Think ahead about where you want the distressed areas to be.  (Perhaps around the handles on a dresser, edges of a table, bottom of legs – anywhere that makes sense)  Leave that area lightly covered or not at all.   When you go back to sand those areas, it makes it so much easier.

Apply one coat of wax and wipe back until smooth and there is no drag on your rag. Sand areas that are starting to show through for more graphite to show.  Sand areas that are textured but covered with the blue mix and the graphite will pop through.   Wipe off any excess sanding dust so that the surface is clean before you go to the next step.


Combine the paint with water  (about 2 to 1 paint to water – if its too thin or thick, just adjust it.  You will know when you apply it to the piece).  Using a chip brush, put a light coat of of the Old White Chalk Paint on the surface.  It will bead up a little.  It can sit for a minute or so before you wipe back.


Using a soft cloth, gently wipe back the Old White Chalk Paint® wash until you like the way it looks. You can wet the rag if you want to reduce the amount of wash.  Or apply another layer if you would like it to be more covered.   The wash is an easy way to add interest.IMG_6763

Let the wash dry overnight or at least a couple hours.  The wax will blend the wash into the surface and finish it off.  There are a ton of color combos.   Experiment with your own look.  And email or call us anytime with any questions.




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