Why Annie Sloan Wax?

Why is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Wax so great?

First, your goal is to create beautifully hand rendered vintage painted pieces. The Chalk Paint® is rather thick and if applied in a slap dash manner, it creates gorgeous brush strokes. When you apply Annie Sloan Soft Wax, those brush marks come to life creating that old world look.


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Second, Annie Sloan Soft Wax is a wonderful top coat for a few reasons. Annie created this wax to work with her paint for a protected finish. It’s soft and easy to apply. It’s even easier to make repairs. Once waxed, you don’t have to reapply later, however, if you have damaged or marred your piece, you can just apply a little wax to freshen.

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Annie Sloan just introduced Black Wax and White Wax. You’ll get 4 totally different looks with just one color of Chalk Paint®. Start with Clear Soft Wax as the first coat and for a more aged look, wax using the Dark or Black Wax.

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Once your wax has dried for a few hours, you can buff to a gorgeous satin furniture sheen.

Here are a few General Tips on the Waxes:

  1. There is a learning curve on the Dark and Black Waxes. When used with the lighter colors sometimes the darker waxes can get pretty dark. It’s harder to remove the access and keep consistent.
  2. Mix Clear and Dark/Black together to lighten the overall look.
  3. Leave the White Wax on and work in larger areas before removing the leftover wax.
  4. The Annie Sloan White Soft Wax is so nice on the mid to dark range colors or for a liming effect on unfinished wood.
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