Think Out of the Box

One of our favorite clients called one day with an idea for her teenage daughter’s bedroom.  She had found some really cool ceramic flower bowls and wanted to install them over her bed.  She decided on the color scheme and the wall color but wanted something hand painted to display the bowls.  We collaborated with the client and came up with an organic tree branch coming up from one side of the bed and traveling toward the ceiling on the other side.  The client was thrilled along with her daughter.

When you’re designing a room, think out of the box!



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2 comments on “Think Out of the Box
  1. Michelle says:

    WOW!!! Are you kidding me?? This is beautiful. I guess i had no idea just how talented you all are. Great job.

  2. Katie long says:

    What a totally awesome idea. At first idea sounded gaudy but the finished room was classy and was a beautiful room for any age. Great job.