Bringing New Life to Oak Kitchen Cabinets






These are the before and after photos of a kitchen cabinet renovation we just completed in Solon.  The original cabinets were red oak and the designers were hired to give the kitchen a facelift using the existing cabinets.  What a clever way the designers updated the kitchen by building a new surround over the existing soffit.  The original island was removed and a new one was crafted.

First, we had to use a toning process to change the color of the red oak to make it a more weathered style finish.  We used layers of tinted glazes followed by a new coat of varnish.  To incorporate a two-toned kitchen cabinet look, we mixed a custom creamy color for the island and glazed with a coordinating warm color to blend with the perimeter cabinets.

Kudos to the amazing interior designers, Linda Smith and Dawn Cook, and their wonderful team of craftsmen.

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2 comments on “Bringing New Life to Oak Kitchen Cabinets
  1. Bonnie May says:

    Beautiful renovation. Love the soffit covering, the island is classic, new appliances, farm sink, just perfect transformation. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Bon

  2. Becky Warner says:

    Oh that is just beautiful…you have been such an inspiration with everything you post!