Bringing a Great Red Oak Piece Back to Life

We found this cute little writing desk recently. It has great detailing and was in mint condition. But there was a thick layer of varnish that needed to be removed along with some of the red stain.


Here’s the red oak minus the thick coat of varnish.



For a weathered oak look, we stained the raw wood using Chalk Paint® in French Linen with about 20% water added and then wiped it back with a clean cloth.

Once dry, it was time to wax. We tested Annie Sloan Soft Wax in White but decided on a mix of Clear and Black Soft Wax. The hardware was antique brass but we sprayed them using an Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.

Here’s the finished piece. Available at our Shaker Heights location.



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Metheny Weir Workshop – BYOP

Metheny Weir holds various workshops throughout the year at the Shaker Heights and Rocky River locations. Many people may have questions as to what a workshop looks like or what the key components of a workshop are. Today, we will take you through a Metheny Weir Workshop where participants have brought their own pieces (BYOP) to the shop to learn about Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan and how to transform their pieces.




The first step in this workshop is a discussion with each participant about their pieces. What kind of a piece is it? What ideas or thoughts do you have for it?



Next, Kim Metheny and Sue Weir discuss prep work and how to best clean and prepare the pieces for painting.



Some pieces require little bit of sanding. Others are wiped down with a clean cloth to remove dust or grime.




After the pieces have been sanded and cleaned, it’s time to pick the colors and finish for the pieces.





Next, the participants are instructed to paint two coats of paint onto their pieces.









 Kim and Sue discuss waxing technique for Clear and Dark waxes after the paint has dried. Clear wax was applied first to most of the pieces. Then, some of the participants chose to finish with dark wax over the clear. Kim and Sue displayed how to apply the wax with the proper brushes and the different ways to brush the wax onto the pieces.







Proper distressing techniques were taught after the wax is applied. Kim and Sue talked about the types of distressing tools and how to distress correctly.



A second coat of wax was applied after distressing to finish up the piece!









Look at these transformations! If you have any questions, feel free to stop into the shop or visit us online. You can sign up for workshops at!

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Why Annie Sloan Wax?

Why is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Wax so great?

First, your goal is to create beautifully hand rendered vintage painted pieces. The Chalk Paint® is rather thick and if applied in a slap dash manner, it creates gorgeous brush strokes. When you apply Annie Sloan Soft Wax, those brush marks come to life creating that old world look.


Photo by

Second, Annie Sloan Soft Wax is a wonderful top coat for a few reasons. Annie created this wax to work with her paint for a protected finish. It’s soft and easy to apply. It’s even easier to make repairs. Once waxed, you don’t have to reapply later, however, if you have damaged or marred your piece, you can just apply a little wax to freshen.

unnamed copy

Photo by

Annie Sloan just introduced Black Wax and White Wax. You’ll get 4 totally different looks with just one color of Chalk Paint®. Start with Clear Soft Wax as the first coat and for a more aged look, wax using the Dark or Black Wax.

unnamed copy 2

Photo by

Once your wax has dried for a few hours, you can buff to a gorgeous satin furniture sheen.

Here are a few General Tips on the Waxes:

  1. There is a learning curve on the Dark and Black Waxes. When used with the lighter colors sometimes the darker waxes can get pretty dark. It’s harder to remove the access and keep consistent.
  2. Mix Clear and Dark/Black together to lighten the overall look.
  3. Leave the White Wax on and work in larger areas before removing the leftover wax.
  4. The Annie Sloan White Soft Wax is so nice on the mid to dark range colors or for a liming effect on unfinished wood.
unnamed copy 3

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Why Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Brushes?

Are Chalk Paint® brushes really worth the extra dollar? Over at Metheny Weir, we have had the most experience with specifically Anne Sloan Paint brushes. One of the biggest questions we receive is, ” Are these special brushes really worth the money?”


Photo: HumbleDuck.Blog

At Metheny Weir, we have been decorative painters for years and understand why great tools can make a difference in your projects. Here’s just a few reasons why we use the Annie Sloan brushes to paint and wax.

1. The Shape

The tapered ends are perfect for those hard to reach spots.


Photo: HumbleDuck.Blog

2. The Bristles

Annie Sloan’s brushes are perfect for the Chalk Paint®. The bristles are fairly long and flexible with little bounce. They hold lots of paint and the thin flat handle makes it comfortable in your hand. The natural pure bristle (boar) hair has split ends which helps it hold more paint and you get better coverage.


Photo: HumbleDuck.Blog

Most brushes tend to release bristles when new which looks like shedding; Annie’s brushes are no different. But the Annie Sloan brushes do stop very quickly so that you can get on with your painting. If you see a hair, you can take your brush and scoop the hair up while wet. If it dries, you can rub it out with your finger or lightly sand to remove.

3. Cleaning

Can you say easy to clean? With just a drop or two of Dawn soap and warm water, the bristle come out totally clean and are ready for the next project even if you leave it out and the paint has dried out.


Photo: HumbleDuck.Blog

This is one of the best parts of these brushes. We’ve gone through so many generic brushes because they dry up and have so much pesky paint residue that just won’t. come. off. The cleaning is a breeze and we’ve used the same brush for tons and tons of projects.

4. The Sizes

There are three sizes so you have the perfect brush just when you need it.


Photo: HumbleDuck.Blog

The small one works great for smaller projects like frames, mirrors chairs etc.


Photo: HumbleDuck.Blog

The medium size is great for those larger dressers or armoires even kitchen cabinetry. The largest ones are great for kitchen cabinetry and can even be used for waxing large areas.


Photo: HumbleDuck.Blog

Convinced yet? Just buy one. That’s all it takes!

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It’s Back! Our Annual Before and After Contest


beforeafterofchairWe’re pleased to announce our 2nd annual Metheny Weir “Before and After” contest. Your response last year was amazing, with more than 100 wonderful entries submitted, and we’re excited to add a few changes including having awards in each of four categories:

  1. Cabinets (kitchen, bathroom vanities, laundry rooms, etc.),
  2. Furniture (all types)
  3. Repurposed (Using an old item in a new way)
  4. Non-traditional (fabric, outdoor, clothing, etc.)

The rules are simple:

  1. Limit of one entry per person in each category.
  2. Feel free to stage your piece with lighting, props, etc. We need to be able to see it to judge it!
  3. You must have used Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan on the piece.
  4. Entries will be accepted May 1 – May 31.
  5. Must be your own work.

Criteria for Judging:

  • Creativity – imagination, originality, vision, cleverness, transformation.
  • Execution – planning and quality of technique
  • “WOW” Factor – jaw-dropper, impressive, head-turner
  • Degree of Difficulty – steps in the process, required skill,

One winner per category will receive their choice of a $150 gift certificate or a 2-hour private workshop with Kim/Sue (priceless) and we’ll name honorable mentions as merited.

Send your photos to or along with any information about your project you think would help the judges. Good luck!

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Two Color Distressed Finish with a wash

This is an easy way to incorporate 2 colors into a piece.  We added a wash to finish it off.


This is the first “Get This Look” post explaining how we do Chalk Paint® finishes at Metheny Weir.  We will have a “Get This Look” post every other week.  Please call, email or stop in with  any questions.  We are happy to help you with any of your projects.


Materials: Graphite, Duck Egg, Louis Blue, Old White Chalk Paint® and Clear Wax.  We used the Annie Sloan paint and wax brushes and cloth rags to wipe back the wash and wax.


Your first coat of graphite goes on pretty thick.  Let the paint sit a little and brush it as it dries to get some texture.  You can also stipple here and there.  You want the finish to be a little raised but not so thick that it takes forever to dry.


The second coat is a 1:1 mix of Louis Blue and Duck Egg Chalk Paint®. This second coat goes on more thinly without coating everything completely. Think ahead about where you want the distressed areas to be.  (Perhaps around the handles on a dresser, edges of a table, bottom of legs – anywhere that makes sense)  Leave that area lightly covered or not at all.   When you go back to sand those areas, it makes it so much easier.

Apply one coat of wax and wipe back until smooth and there is no drag on your rag. Sand areas that are starting to show through for more graphite to show.  Sand areas that are textured but covered with the blue mix and the graphite will pop through.   Wipe off any excess sanding dust so that the surface is clean before you go to the next step.


Combine the paint with water  (about 2 to 1 paint to water – if its too thin or thick, just adjust it.  You will know when you apply it to the piece).  Using a chip brush, put a light coat of of the Old White Chalk Paint on the surface.  It will bead up a little.  It can sit for a minute or so before you wipe back.


Using a soft cloth, gently wipe back the Old White Chalk Paint® wash until you like the way it looks. You can wet the rag if you want to reduce the amount of wash.  Or apply another layer if you would like it to be more covered.   The wash is an easy way to add interest.IMG_6763

Let the wash dry overnight or at least a couple hours.  The wax will blend the wash into the surface and finish it off.  There are a ton of color combos.   Experiment with your own look.  And email or call us anytime with any questions.




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Finally! Our Visit to the Home of Chalk Paint®


What a moment! We were so fortunate to attend the 25th Anniversary of Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan in Oxford, England, a few weeks back. Yes, Chalk Paint® is 25 years old in England, but it’s only been available for a few short years here in the United States. Stockists from around the world celebrated with Annie and her team at her warehouse and the original store in beautiful Oxford. Here’s a glimpse of what we saw and learned during our visit.


There’s one common thread between Annie’s store and other stores around the world: the paint is creatively displayed and Stockists find unique ways to use samples of each color to show the feel of the paint and wax.


Colorful vignettes were organized throughout the store with hand painted objects and painting sundries.



Guest were encouraged to test the paint at the color mixing station. Annie’s store is a delightful mess just like ours!


Annie’s fabrics are hand-selected to complement her paint colors. With a little help from Sofka, Annie’s shop manager in Oxford, we were able to bring back a few of our favorite ones.





We’ll be sharing more from our wonderful visit to the home of Chalk Paint® on Facebook and in our e-newsletter soon. We were inspired by the chance to see it in person and we hope you’ll find a little inspiration in our photos!


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Custom Color Mixing with Sue

This short video shows you how we create a custom color using Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan.

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Out with the old, in with the new.

Carina has worked her magic in the Shaker store location and it looks beautiful! She has lots of interesting things for your home –  furniture she has painted in her signature style, organic home decor items that are truly one of a kind and lovely light fixtures, candles, jewelry and the rest.


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New West Side Location!

It’s official!


We’re opening on the West Side. It’s been a lot of work and we are so excited to show off the new space.

Join us for a meet and greet and bring a friend:

Saturday, August 2nd
from 10-3

Shopping, give-aways, refreshments.

20254 Detroit Rd.
Rocky River, OH 44116

Hours: Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday 10-6pm
Friday and Saturday 10-3pm

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